Evergreen PTAC accessories are made in the USA. Given our local resources, we provide unmatched flexibility to serve dynamic construction schedules. Our experienced engineering team can reduce project costs through more efficient installations. Whether the project is masonry, pre-cast or panel wall construction, Evergreen is an excellent source of custom and semi-custom components to ensure the appropriate match to building and budget requirements.




Our equipment is ideal for replacing existing units with longer lasting products that can increase efficiency by as much as 30%. Our modern digital controls also offer a higher standard of efficiency to reduce energy consumption. Hotels, universities and residential customers have all benefited from our systems to curtail utility costs or qualify for energy rebates.


In addition, Evergreen PTAC units are compatible with most legacy or obsolete “through the wall” equipment; Often we help customers to retrofit their old equipment installations to a standard product for reduced replacement costs in the future.




Our professional Service Department located in Woodside, New York supports one of the best equipment warranties in the industry for all equipment we sell. In addition, we carry ample parts stock for a variety of brands. Evergreen service professionals are dedicated to customer satisfaction and are committed to maximizing the life of your equipment through our preventive maintenance agreements and service plans tailored to your building.



• Semi-Custom options

  Available on chassis, controls, sleeves,   cabinets and coils


• Superior Quality

  Welded construction, Fully painted chassis


• Smaller Footprint:

  Compact 36’ wall sleeve design, Minimal projection into the room


• Innovation:

  Modern features and controls

  Industry leading sound performance (Operating & Transmission)


• Projects Management/Support

  Local sleeve, cabinet and coil manufacturing

  Local project management and factory   service


Evergreen Service offers professional grade, factory authorized services for – Basic Repairs,

Preventive Maintenance or Upgrades to enhance performance & features!

Evergreen Service

Legacy Replacement PTACs

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